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Client Testimonials

We believe that the client experience matters. A lot. It is what we have built the success of our business upon, and it drives every decision we make. Since the very beginning, we have taken the happiness of our clients very personally.

Our clients know that if something isn’t right, we fix it. If we don’t have the answer, we find it. And if anything needs personalizing or tweaking, we are the first to suggest it.

We’ve spent nearly two decades refining the service experience, so that our clients receive the absolute best from us, every time. And we know that reviews and referrals are the way most people select a service provider nowadays – whether it be a mechanic or dry cleaner, or a Managed Service Provider, like us.

That’s why we think it’s important to dedicate some space on our website to sharing recent feedback we have received from our clients who come from all sorts of industries, so you know how serious we are about doing business well. We’ll change these pretty regularly, so feel free to check back (and hopefully, add your own…):


Affiliated Computer Services, Inc. (ACS) is a $4Billion, Fortune 500 Company with 40,000 employees located around the world. Lime us, ACS’s business involves the reliable delivery of information technology and support – they just happen to do it more in a global kind of way.

The company’s clients rely on ACS for Business Process and IT outsourcing solutions. ACS relies on Nothing But NET to help them deliver.

Obviously, a company of this scope, providing technology solutions to hundreds of clients, can ill afford even one iota of downtime in its own systems. No company is immune to the occasional “technology surprise”. However, ACS knows they can count on Nothing But NET. Anytime. Even early on a Saturday…

ACS had lost communications with corporate and called on us to get them back in business. Searching for the proverbial needle in hardware haystack, we reconfigured the company’s communications equipment and, in no time at all, they were good to go!

Nothing But NET is confident our ability to respond at a moment’s notice is one reason ACS has been our client since our inception.

“Initially, we relied on Nothing But NET to provide support for our IBM NAS, but they have since progressed to assisting with our entire technology infrastructure. We continue to realize efficiency and customer service gains through their efforts and firmly believe that NBN has enabled us to be more competitive and responsive to our own customers’ needs.

“Technical support is just one of the many reasons we have stayed with Nothing But NET. The ability to pick up the phone and have the assistance of knowledgeable support staff is absolutely necessary in today’s market place. Losing business due to computer problems is unacceptable.

“I would highly recommend Nothing But NET to anyone in need of a responsive, efficient and knowledgeable technology company.”

Maurice Duarte
Senior Systems Engineer, ACS

Nothing But NET approaches its IT solutions with much foresight and caution, enlisting current technology only after it has been tested and proven to be as good as it can possibly be. This current-yet-cautious approach allows us to integrate new technology into existing systems as seamlessly and cost-effectively as possible – just as we have done for Valley Commerce Bank.

When we began working with VCB more than seven years ago, we were charged with developing a technology presence for the bank and since have provided all levels of computer service, including desktop support, security systems, hardware, software and service.

In the banking industry, it is absolutely critical for IT solutions to be right the first time, security just isn’t the place for hit-and-miss technology.

Federal standards require FDIC-insured institutions to have information systems in place to prevent electronic intrusion. Enlisting technology from the IT industry’s very best – including Cisco, Microsoft and IBM – Nothing But NET created a state-of-the-art system ensuring Valley Commerce Bank will pass this important federal audit with flying colors.

Today we continue to provide ongoing support and consultation to the bank, presenting IT recommendations to help enhance operations and customer service.

“Nothing But NET has consistently exceeded our expectations, both on a technological and professional level, and I have yet to encounter an Information System issue they cannot resolve.

“They have provided responsive, flawless support for our intrusion detection system, network functions, software interface issues. Email and Internet monitoring, virus protection and clean-up, server conversions, hardware issues, and much more.

“NBN was a critical part of a recent, external, third-party Information Systems controls and security audit that the Bank was required to obtain. They played a large part in the Bank receiving favorable ratings on this exam. “The efficiency that our company has gained as a result of their continued service is immeasurable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NBN to anyone requiring Information Systems consultation.”

Rebekah R. Zeeuw
Assistant Vice President and Accounting Mgr
Valley Commerce Bank