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Why Choose Nothing But NET?

Nothing But NET (NBN) was founded on the belief that fusing highly relational customer service with leading- edge solutions translates into client success. It’s as much what drives us today as it was in 2000, when Bob Cox and Steve Brown dreamed about the possibility of creating a managed IT company driven less by the bottom line and more by excellence and the needs of the people we served.

In fact, surpassing customer expectations has become a trademark characteristic of our work, and it’s the main reason we are nationally recognized as one of the best. We’re listed among the top in the managed service providers (MSP) market, recognized for being agile, flexible and innovative, and celebrated as an organization that continues to reinvent itself to meet their customers’ changing needs. (More on awards we have received here.)

What Drives Us

At NBN, our driving philosophy is that we don’t work for you. We work with you to forge a unique partnership that is as much personal as it is professional. We listen–closely. And we take the time to truly understand your business, coming alongside of you to create solutions for all your IT needs that are tailor-made and results-driven.

How We Make It Happen

Our comprehensive suite of remote and on-site services offer a large range of IT support, whether you need an all-in-one solution, network assistance or one of our many managed services. Our two locations –Phoenix, AZ and Edison, NJ– are housed within Tier III Security-Class data centers, which ensure secure operating environments and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We also have our sales and administrative office located in Chandler, AZ.

Everything we do at NBN centers around your success and affordability:

  • We help you leverage the best-in-industry tools needed to sharpen your competitive edge within your industry, without straining your budget.
  • Our services are less than it would cost to employ just one IT expert – so you can maximize your return on your IT investments while focusing on what you do best.
    We take care of the rest.

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Why We Are Different

We could easily talk about what sets us apart all day. Instead, here are some thoughts from our clients on why they continue to trust NBN with their IT needs:

We go the EXTRA mile: We maintain formal auditing designation and are fully SOC-compliant -- two things that independently-owned MSP’s rarely attain. Which translates into confidence for you that we’ve met the highest bar set for security, operations and financial processes.
We go BIGGER: NBN employs a larger –- and longer-tenured -– contingent of on-staff technicians than any independently-owned competitors. This means whenever you need us, we will always have someone ready and fully able to respond.
We INVEST: We place high priority on equipping our technicians with ongoing technical training and certification. We view this as a commitment to our clients, to provide highly-skilled team members that are trained with the ability to implement forward-thinking solutions. Bottom line, you get access to the best and latest of everything.
We are QUICKER: Our customers frequently speak to the swift response of our technicians when critical issues occur. Being available precisely when you need us is just one of the many reasons our clients continue to choose us, year after year.

Company Highlights

  • 2001Inception

    Bob Cox and Steven Brown founded Nothing But NET.
  • 2007Growth

    Ranked #35 by CRN on “Fast Growth 100” list.
    Achieved #492 on Inc. 500 Fastest Growing Companies.
  • 2010On the Move

    Moved from original Tempe offices into world-class Tier III data center.
  • 2011The Cloud

    Nothing But NET adds Hosted Cloud Computing services to its suite.
  • 2012Data Centers

    NBN adds 2 more data center locations (Scottsdale, AZ and Edison, NJ).
  • 2015Recognition

    Recognized by CRN Magazine’s “Ahead of the Curve” (August 2015).
  • 2016Awards

    NBN earns four (4) MSP industry awards for performance and growth.
    Opening of its new Sales & Admin office in Chandler, AZ.