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About Us.

Nothing But NET

Partnering with a trusted and established IT provider is a critical first step to protecting your data. Our team of cybersecurity experts and IT professionals brings the best-of-breed products and services to businesses in the greater Phoenix area, across the state of Arizona and to national brands. Our cybersecurity framework gives businesses peace of mind.

You understand your competitive edge hinges on your company’s technological and digital infrastructure. Partner with Nothing But NET, a trusted provider for cybersecurity, managed IT services, cloud, IT outsourcing and 24×7 IT support. 

Nothing But NET is an award-winning IT company consisting of professionals, partners and an evolving line of technology. Throughout our 22 years in business, we’ve helped leaders in technology and growing businesses protect their data, sensitive employee information and customer intelligence, and we’ve become a partner that offers day-to-day 24×7 support. Nothing But NET’s record of excellent customer service and business strategy allows us to create tailor-made solutions that benefit your business.

Hear why our customers love NBN!

Nothing But NET has consistently exceeded our expectations, both on a technological and professional level, and I have yet to encounter an Information System issue they cannot resolve.

They have provided responsive, flawless support for our intrusion detection system, network functions, software interface issues. Email and Internet monitoring, virus protection and clean-up, server conversions, hardware issues, and much more.

NBN was a critical part of a recent, external, third-party Information Systems controls and security audit that the Bank was required to obtain. They played a large part in the Bank receiving favorable ratings on this exam.

The efficiency that our company has gained as a result of their continued service is immeasurable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend NBN to anyone requiring Information Systems consultation.

- R.Z.
Commercial Bank

Explore Services to Support your Goals

We Go the Extra Mile
Nothing But NET has created a framework of tools and processes that allow us to provide the much-needed security and protection to address today’s technology threats. You can be confident that we’ve met the highest bar set for security, operations and technology processes.

We Invest
We place a high priority on equipping our technicians with ongoing technical training and certification. We view this as a commitment to our clients to provide highly-skilled team members who are trained with the ability to implement forward-thinking solutions. The bottom line is you get access to the best and latest of everything.

We Go Bigger
We employ a larger—and longer-tenured—contingent of on-staff technicians than any independently-owned competitors. This means whenever you need us, we always have someone ready and fully able to respond, 24×7. Expect to reach a live person for support and IT emergencies.

We Are Responsive
Our customers frequently speak of the swift response of our technicians when critical issues occur. Being available precisely when you need us is just one of the many reasons our clients continue to choose us year after year.

What We Offer

We designed Nothing But NET to service each point of a business’s technological journey:

Hardware & Software

Need to start with upgrading your infrastructure? We can be your hardware/software provider.

IT Support Staff

Struggling to keep IT staff? As a nationally-ranked Managed Service Provider (MSP), Nothing But NET can be that responsive remote or onsite IT staff for you.


Where does your network stand? Is it secure? Are you compliant? We put the best tools, processes and procedures in place to reduce risk across your employees and clients. Work with our consulting and assessment team to protect your assets.

Expert IT Advisory

Nothing But NET is known for its IT advisory and strategy services for executive leaders, CIOs and growing IT teams. Share your business strategy with our team to begin crafting your IT framework.

With our suite of services for every point of your journey, we’ll support your company and the growth of your IT acumen.