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Cloud Services

Nothing But NET makes storing, transferring and networking simple and fast. We help keep your data safe from loss or damage to physical devices through cloud managed services. That means access to crucial data—anytime, anywhere. Bring peace of mind to you and your people—everywhere, all the time.

Fully Managed & Secure Cloud Services

Cloud promises easy, safe storage and access to crucial data—anytime, anywhere. It’s computing on demand. From our state-of-the-art software-defined data center, Nothing But NET cloud services provide on-demand email, storage, backup and web services.

Best of all, Nothing But NET’s cloud offers unlimited data capacity at affordable prices. Take your business into the future with our reliable managed cloud services.

Advantages of Nothing But NET’s Managed Cloud Services:

Cloud, Backup & Web Services FAQs

What's the best way to backup our data?

Data loss from cyber attacks, malfunctions, outages, human error or other causes can threaten to derail your business. The best way to backup data is to go beyond tapes and discs and move into cloud or to other backup solutions. Nothing But NET offers cloud computing services, giving you constant access to your data with built-in backup options.

Can we recover our critical data in an emergency?

Yes, but you can only recover data that has been backed up in advance. Failure to back up important information leaves your business vulnerable to system outages, downtime and permanent losses of critical data. Nothing But NET’s backup, disaster recovery and business continuity ensures 24x7 protection and easy data access and retrieval for peace of mind.